Burnside Public School was built in 1922 by Sir James Murdoch at a cost of 17,000 Pounds, and for many years was known as the "Murdoch School". The building of the school was founded primarily to overcome the problems of transporting the Burnside Homes children to North Parramatta School.

Though the buildings and grounds remain the property of Burnside Homes, the School is staffed and maintained by the Department of Education and Training and a nominal rental is paid to Burnside Trust.

The present school was opened on the 21st April 1922 by Her Excellency Lady Forster, wife of the Governor-General. The school motto being "Omnia Pro Bono" meaning "For the Good of All".

After a few years Burnside School became a Central School – providing education for students up to the Intermediate Level.

In the early years most children were Homes children, but new policies of welfare care by the organisation have resulted in the relocation of children and there are no longer any children from the Homes attending this school.

In 1962 the school was reclassified and most secondary students were enrolled at Cumberland High School. During the 1970's Burnside School had an enrolment of over 400 students with separate Primary and Infants Departments.

In recent years the school has maintained an enrolment of over 200 students.